Mazella&Palmer Cloud and Waves Collection

Cloud & Waves

Clouds & Waves is the latest Fudge Professional and Mazella&Palmer collaboration hair collection and is inspired by a children’s poem of the same name; “The poem plays tribute to a child’s imagination through Sunaina Coelho dreamy illustration and Rabindranath Tagore poem of a child talking to her mother. The collection glimpses at soft and strong silhouettes that then expand through combinations of texture and technique,” explains Mazella&Palmer.

“The colour inspiration was to look bold yet effortless, using a clever blend of complimentary tones immersing into each other to create soft shading and shadows through the hair. We wanted to keep the impression of solid colours, but creating imaginary shine lines to give an ethereal lasting impression,” continues Tracy Hayes, Head of Technical Education Fudge Professional

Mazella&Palmer is the brainchild of Dove Palmer and Jean-Baptise Mazella; following two decades of education and salon experience, Mazella&Palmer was created as a unique teaching concept that makes education accessible and relevant to hairdressers of all levels. Regularly creating hair collections and developing educational courses, Mazella&Palmer regularly present around the globe and their work appears in countless front covers and editorial pages of hair magazines. Mazella&Palmer regularly collaborate with cult cool hair brand, Fudge Professional with hair collections, education and shows.


Hair: Mazella&Palmer Global Creative Team for Fudge Professional
Colour: Tracy Hayes and Sophie MacCorquodale at Fudge Professional
Products: Fudge Professional
Photography: Mazella&Palmer Productions
Makeup: Nora Belovia