SESSION STYLIST: Cyndia Harvey for Fudge Professional

HAIR INSPIRATION: Immerse, drench, saturate, soak. These were the words used to describe the feeling of Christopher Raeburn’s latest collection, which drew inspiration from the beauty and fragility of our oceans. A deep dive into the big blue, the collection stands as a creative call to arms and focuses on responsible design and sourcing to protect both the planet and the wearer. Hair resembled that of a scuba diver just out of water, with functional ponytails having seen better days; baby hair and fly-aways straggled over the models faces.


1 – Apply Fudge Professional Curve Recovery to hands and then coat the hair to encourage natural texture.

2 – Rough dry hair.

3 – Apply Fudge Professional Hair Gum, combing backwards for a super slick, wet-look.

4 – Secure longer styles in ‘normcore’ ponytails at nape of neck.

5 – Tease out baby hair and hairline layers. Twist with fingers using Fudge Professional Gloss and arrange across face for a ‘dredged not dressy’ look.

6 – Finish by spraying all over with Fudge Professional Hed Shine for a completely drenched appearance.