Ash Fusions

Ash Fusions

Session Stylist Extraordinaire Sarah Laidlaw Creates Dirty Pastels Using The Latest Fudge Professional Ash Infusions Toner Range

Down & Dirty Pastels

5 Minutes With Sarah Laidlaw

Australian Session stylist extraordinaire Sarah Laidlaw got spectacularly creative with our latest Headpaint Ash Infusions toners range and created the ultimate pastel fantasy using a harmonious blend of Rose Quartz, Silver Lilac and Graphite.

Tell us about your most recent shoot with Fudge and The Journal; what inspired the aesthetic?

SL: We started with colour. It was all about the colour, the Fudge girl and the brand vibe. I was really excited about all of the colours; they’re those really dirty pastels which I love. I wanted everything to be that tone; the background, the clothing, everything.

How has it been collaborating with Fudge?

SL: It’s been great! I’ve had a lot of fun using all of the colours, and just being creative. We really changed every model’s look today; it’s been great to play with, and showcase the colour range.

Were there any hero products used on set?

SL: For the shoot, the hero product has been the Ash Infusion colour line. We used Fudge’s Violet Tri-Blo Spray, which is basically a spray and blow-dry version of a violet shampoo (it’s launching here in September, but I got to use it today which is very exciting!). Fudge’s Membrane Gas is definitely one of my faves.

Talk us through the makeup look.

SL: I wanted the girls to look beautiful, but edgy; the ‘it-girl’ at the end of the night who’s really cool but a bit dishevelled. With the makeup, I used a technique called ‘eye cupping’ where you bring out the roundness of the eye with a light shade, and then ‘cup’ it with a darker shade. There’s not a lot of mascara, just a little bit on top. It’s all about making them look a little bit alien.

…and the bleached eyebrows?

SL: Maddy’s face is uber-pretty; with her brows she can tend to look more like a beauty queen, rather than looking a bit weird. We needed her to look just that little bit cooler, and edgier, rather than looking too beautiful – the hair is beautiful, the face is beautiful, the clothes are beautiful – something needs to be offset. It’s a great way of changing someone’s look, and that’s what hair and makeup is all about: completely changing someone’s look.

Have you noticed any specific colour trends circulating the hair sphere?

SL: At the moment, there’s definitely a lot of candy colours, but they aren’t in blocks; there’s colours working through into other colours and more aged tones. The colours are getting dirtier, but also more refined and expensive looking.

Can you (attempt to) walk us through a day in the life of Sarah Laidlaw?

SL: On a shoot day I’m up early, in the car and on my way to the location with EVERYTHING in the car (crazy hair and makeup kits, anything from blue lipstick to green eyeshadow or whatever is called for). Before a shoot, I’ll usually have a meeting with the crew to find out what we are doing and what the day’s vibe is. Then it’s time to get on set, and get it happening… shoot all day, and create some magic!


Photographer David Mannah
Hair & Make Up By Sarah Laidlaw For Fudge Professional
Colour By Duncan Richards & Sarah Laidlaw
Stylist – Leticia Dare
Publication – The Journal Magazine